Homecoming Spirit Week Thursday: “Lights, Camera, Action!”

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Famous Person or Action Figure Day

Class participation:

1st place (100 points) – 10th grade and 7th grade

2nd place (50 points) – 11th grade and 6th grade


Dress up winners

High School

1st place (25 points) : 12th grader Dristen Watford as “Green Lantern Medphyll”

2nd place (10 points) : 11th grader Ke’Mia Starling as “Madea”


Middle School

1st place (25 points): 7th graders Caroline Orr, Audrey Skidmore, Mallory Holmes, Maggie Roberts as “Wizard of Oz” group

2nd place (10 points):  7th grader Owen Henshaw as “Colonel Sanders”


Volleyball Team Competes at State

vb team photo

The girls varsity volleyball team headed to the first round of the GICAA state playoffs Tuesday for the first time in several years. We commend them for reaching their season goal of making it to the state playoffs. The team traveled to Conyers to compete against the #2 seed from the north Young Americans Christian School. The girls competed well and lost in three sets; but as their coach Lisa O’Connor said, “They played well, competed hard, kept it fairly close but lost to a good team.” Congratulations to the girls’ varsity volleyball team on a great season and representing SCA well at state!

Team members: Gracyn Holt, Allyson Adams, Emily Walker, Abby Adams, Blythe Gunter, Maddie Evans, Christian Walker, Carlee Shumake, and Randi Harrelson.

Homecoming Spirit Week Wednesday: “Pop”arazzi Day

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Class Participation Winners:

1st place (100 points) – 10th grade and 7th grade

2nd place (50 points) – 12th grade and 6th grade


Dress-up Winners:

High School

1st place (25 points) : 12th grader Brynn Davidson as “Pop Goes the Weasel”

2nd place (10 points) : 12th grader Casey Gregors as “Ring Pop”


Middle School

1st place (25 points): 6th grader Cole Dervan as “Popcorn”

2nd place (10 points):  6th grader Hope Usher as “Mary Poppins”

Homecoming Spirit Week Tuesday: 80s Day

Participation Awards:

1st place (100 points) – 9th grade and 7th grade (again 7th grade had 100% participation)

2nd place (50 points) – 11th and 12th  grade tie & 6th grade


Costume winners:

High School

1st place (25 points) – Burch Langstaff as Tom Selleck

2nd place (10 Points) – Gavin Griffin as the boy in E.T.


Middle School

1st place (25 points) – Caroline Dougherty

2nd place (10 points) – Cole Dervan

Homecoming Spirit Week Monday: Dynamic Duo Day

Homecoming Spirit Week 2017 has officially begun! Monday’s winners for high school and middle school Dynamic Duo costumes are:

High school

1st place – 10th grade “Tangled” (Patrick Burke and Maddie Allen)

2nd place – (tie) 9th grade with “Gorilla and Chiquita Banana” (Jared Higdon and Sammy Scardino); 10th grade with “Napoleon Dynamite” (Ricardo Ruiz and Jacob Ham)

Middle School

1st place – 7th grade “Dr. and Frankenstein” (Dortey Koffie and Malachi Jones)

2nd place – 8th grade “Sylvester and Tweety Bird” (Victoria Vega and Joy Kendrick)

Community Service Days

On October 6 and October 13, the middle school and high school conducted community service days to serve our community and be a blessing. It was a privilege to partner with LaDonna Urick and Mission Change as well as Judy Bowles of Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful. Their partnership is valuable in making these days effective and productive for our students.

We are pleased to continue to strengthen the pillar of community service in our students. Special thanks go out to Campus Pastor Jeremy Davidson and our faculty members for organizing and assisting with these days for us.

A Visit from Johnny Appleseed

Elementary chapel was very special this morning. The boys and girls enjoyed a special time of praise and worship with Kristin Crosby who led our singing and then introduced our special speaker for the day. SCA students enjoyed a surprise visit from John Chapman, better known as “Johnny Appleseed.” Johnny shared with the students all about his school days, apprenticeship and how the Lord led him West to plant apple seeds and the Word of God. Thanks to Sherwood Baptist Church’s Children’s Pastor, Mark Scardino, for an awesome chapel!

Cross Country – Rock Springs Invitational


SCA Cross Country teams participated in the Rock Springs Invitational in Milner, Georgia, over the weekend.

The Boys’ Cross Country elementary students took 1st place. SCA had three elementary boys place in the top 10 runners:

  • 2nd Place – Caleb Kendrick
  • 4th Place – Brandon Haire
  • 5th Place – Mason Johnson

SCA had two elementary girls place in the top 10 runners:

  • 1st place – Julia Kendrick
  • 10th place – Lydia Sancinito

The Middle School Girls’ team finished 2nd place. Joy Kendrick finished 2nd overall, Victoria Vega 9th overall, Ariona Walters 10th overall, and Miley Clements 11th overall.